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North of Tyne Combined Authority meets to talk climate change

North of Tyne Mayor Jamie Driscoll had made several big pledges around climate change when he was a mayoral candidate Credit: ITV News

The formation of a Citizen's Assembly - a response to climate change - looks set to be a step closer after a cabinet meeting of the North of Tyne Combined Authority.

On Tuesday members of the cabinet agreed that further development work should take place to explore the creation of a Citizens' Assembly.

An Assembly would be a 'representative group of residents who are selected at random from the population to learn about, deliberate upon, make trade-offs and arrive at workable recommendations.

Declaring a climate emergency was amongst the pledges Credit: ITV News

Jamie Driscoll, the North of Tyne Mayor, pledged to declare a climate emergency on day one of the job as Mayor. He fulfilled that pledge when he took office in May.

Explaining the proposals for forming a Citizens' Assembly, the Mayor said: "This is to make sure we take people with us."

The report that was submitted to the cabinet explained that it was designed to involved local people and enable residents from the region to shape policy and have a say on decisions.

All three of the constituent councils - Northumberland, North Tyneside and Newcastle - have also declared climate emergencies this year.

Last week, Northumberland County Council held a public meeting to discuss initial proposals likely to be in its action plan, which is being drawn up to help meet its pledges of halving its carbon footprint by 2025.

The Council is also aiming to make the county carbon-neutral by 2030.

This included plans to create a Climate Change Commission, which would see the council teaming up world-leading experts and industry leaders to combat climate change.

One of our commitments which we're very excited about is the creation of a Climate Change Commission which will enable us to work with experts with a wide range of skills to help us achieve our commitments.

We've always stressed this is not an issue just for the council - it's an issue for every one of us and it is clear people have some innovative ideas we can all explore as we take our action plan forward.

– Councillor Glen Sanderson

Peter Fuller, from the Climate Action Network Northumberland (CANN), which petitioned the council to declare a climate emergency earlier this year, added: "The council has already achieved much, but must now take the message out to the whole community so we can work together on finding solutions that work for Northumberland."