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Is this the best Halloween display in the North East?

The 'Dem Bones Jazz' band are 'playing' in Northumberland this year Credit: NCJMedia

A north east couple are attempting to put on the region's best Halloween display ahead of the main event on October 31.

Julie Collop and Alan Dewar, from Northumberland, have decorated their garden in a spooky setup in Bebside.

What began as a something of a wind up has slowly morphed into a full-blown tradition.

This year's display follows a 1920s-themed, jazzy theme.

The eight piece Dem Bones Jazz band are 'playing' on Front Street Credit: NCJMedia

It started off as a way of winding the kids up a bit but it's become a bit of tradition.

People make a special effort to drive here and have a look and get a picture, it's surreal.

Alan puts quite a lot of work into putting it together so I'm quite proud of it really.

I was actually a bit nervous in case people didn't like it as much as last year but people have been really nice about it, the comments have been really positive.

– Julie Collop
The couple began the Halloween displays initially to wind up their children Credit: NCJMedia
3 of the band 'play' on the street Credit: NCJMedia