End of term turnout: will the student vote suffer?

  • General Election: Thursday 12 December 2019

Over the last two days, more than 100,000 people in the UK ages 18-25 have registered to vote.

That's higher than any other age group.

Students are able to choose whether to cast their ballot in the town or city where they attend university, or back home. Concerns have been raised that the General Election in December could be difficult, as, for many, it aligns with the end of term.

Our Education and Social Affairs Correspondent Tom Sheldrick visited Durham University, where he spoke to members of the university's Student Union, who are encouraging peers to register to vote before the deadline of the 26 November.

That date will put students in a really precarious position in terms of knowing whether or not to vote at university or at home, accessing a postal vote, the fact that lots of students will be moving back across the country home for Christmas. So we really want to make sure that people are aware of their rights, know how to access them, are registering and understand the process.

Kate McIntosh, President, Durham Student Union

According to YouGov:


of students that voted in the last election, cast their ballot in their home constituency


ended up voting in their university town or city

A campaign by Durham Student Union, encouraging voter registration Credit: Durham SU
The Durham SU campaign is also broadcast on social media Credit: Durham SU

End of term dates for our region's universities:

  • Durham: 13 December

  • Sunderland: 13 December

  • Newcastle: 13 December

  • Teesside: 13 December

  • York St John: 13 December

  • Northumbria: 20 December

  • York: 6 December

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Register to vote by 26 November. General Election 12 December. Credit: PA