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Do you live in the 'luckiest' part of our region?

The National Lottery is celebrating 25 years Credit: PA

Over the last 25 years, The National Lottery has made 5,500 millionaires across the UK and has awarded £71 billion in prize money. But how lucky are we as a region?

To date, 257 lottery millionaires have sported a North East of England postcode.

In total 2,114 top tier prizes of over £50,000 have been banked by players in our region.

  • Where are the 'luckiest' places in our region?


According to The National Lottery, Cleveland (TS) postcode is officially one of the luckiest in the country - not only just our region. The area is placed third for big cash prize winners ranked per head of adult population.

54 millionaires have been created in Cleveland since The National Lottery began – that’s more than two millionaires every single year.

In total, 523 top-tier prizes of at least £50,000 have been banked by winners in the TS postcode – that’s more than one winner every single month.

There have also been nine millionaires created in Cleveland in the last three years!


It must be something in the air up here, The National Lottery can confirm that 109 millionaires have been created in Newcastle since The National Lottery began – that’s more than four every year - making it the fifth luckiest place to live in the country.

In total, 936 top tier prizes of at least £50,000 have been banked by winners in the NE postcode – that’s more than three winners every single month.

And in the last three years, 18 millionaires have been created in this region, with 48 major cash prize winners. This means at least one person has won a major cash prize every single month in the NE postcode for the last three years!

(L-R): Gary Henry, Alex Best, Liana Inkpin, Ian and Kim McCarthy, Derek and Elaine Thompson, Mark and Cheryl Brudenell, Sue and Paul Watson, Allan and Julie Prettyman Credit: The National Lottery

Lottery winners from across the North East, who between them have won a staggering £12.7 million, gathered today to celebrate The National Lottery’s 25th Birthday.

Raising a glass at Auckland Castle, part of The Auckland Project in Bishop Auckland, which has received significant National Lottery funding, were recent winners, Darren and Kate Donaghey, from Newcastle.

They scooped £1m on a National Lottery scratchcard in September last year.

Their win has enabled them to work more flexible hours and move into a dream home with their two children.

Just having that flexibility to spend more time with the children and do more with the children is a blessing.

It is wonderful to be able to give something back too and to be in a position to be able to help others.

It is amazing to see the number of people in the North East who like us have won a life changing prize on The National Lottery.

– Kate Donaghey - Lottery winner
Darren and Kate Donaghey, from Newcastle joined the celebrations in Bishop Auckland Credit: The National Lottery

Joining the couple was one of the region’s biggest winners, Gary Henry, from Bishop Auckland, who won £4.5m in 2009 and Mark and Cheryl Brudenell, from Cleveland, who won £1m back in 1997.

It really is truly amazing to think that people have been enjoying the ‘if I won the lottery’ conversation for 25 years, and even better to know that 2,114 ticketholders in the North East can, like us, say ‘I’ve won big on the lottery’!

It is unbelievable to think that we were among the first ever winners of this amazing game!

It is wonderful to be celebrating 25 years of changing lives together – and not forgetting all of the fantastic charities which have been helped along the way too as a result of people playing The National Lottery! Here’s to the next 25 years!

– Mark Brudenell - Lottery winner
Lottery winners Mark and Cheryl Brudenell, from Cleveland Credit: The National Lottery