The miracle of a life-saving donor found on Facebook

It's an incredible sacrifice - donating an organ to a stranger who desperately needs it.

Earlier this year two-year-old Anaya Kandola from Newcastle was in urgent need of a kidney and her family made a nationwide appeal for help after no donor could be found.

Anaya was born prematurely with a disease that led her to have enlarged kidneys. They had to be removed when she was just weeks old - meaning she has spent much of her life on dialysis.

Despite numerous tests, no one in Anaya's family was a match, however, her ideal donor needed to be from a similar ethnicity.

Anaya was born prematurely with enlarged kidneys Credit: Family photo

Eight weeks ago, a complete stranger named Surinder Sapal, made the brave decision to donate her kidney after reading the story on Facebook.

Anaya's campaign was shared on social media, at awareness events and on Asian radio and TV channels.

Both families have now met and say they hope the story can help tackle the shortage of donors in Asian communities.

Why does ethnicity matter in organ donation?

In order for a successful transplant, blood and tissue types need to match.

The best match for a donor would come from someone with the same ethnic background, although some patients can receive transplants from white people.

There are Black and Asian donors - but not enough to meet the needs of patients on the waiting list.

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