How is the new political landscape likely to affect the health service?

Aside from Brexit, time and time again the NHS was the subject which occupied much of the conversation during the General Election campaign.

It was brought into sharp focus by a picture of a four year old boy who was photographed sleeping on the floor at a hospital in Leeds.

Peter Gibson, Darlington MP Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

So how will the North East's new Conservative MPs respond to the challenges facing the NHS?

Well the future of the health service has long been an important issue in Darlington, one of the constituencies that has changed hands from Labour to Conservative.

One of the pledges on Peter Gibson's website Credit:

Peter Gibson gained the title for the Tories, from Labour's Jenny Chapman. In the election plan on Mr Gibson's website, it explained his history with the NHS in the area.

My mum was a nurse at Darlington Memorial Hospital, so I know how important local health care is. I will invest in services like our A&E. And better access to GP’s, so you can get and appointment when you need it most."

Peter Gibson, Darlington MP

The latest A and E performance figures - which were published today - indicate that last month, fewer people were seen by the County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust within the national four hour waiting target than anywhere else in our region.

Our Health Correspondent Helen Ford asked Peter Gibson exactly how he intends to stand up for the NHS. He told me he's already spoken to the Health Secretary.