A man who murdered his baby son and tried to kill his partner has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 23 years.

Denis Beytula stabbed three-week-old Andrei Stefan and the baby’s mother Andreea Stefan at their flat in Wallsend, North Tyneside.

She has said that the death of her son “shattered my whole world.”

Newcastle Crown Court heard that Beytula controlled Andreea in an abusive relationship, monitoring who she spoke to, and becoming jealous and threatening if she didn't want to have sex with him. He was more volatile around the time of Andrei's birth and appeared uninterested and resentful towards the newborn.

He made what were described as "dark comments", such as: "If I cannot be a good father to him, he will not live. I gave him life and I will take life."

Andreea Stefan said the death of her son “shattered my whole world.” Credit: Facebook / Andreea Stefan

During an argument on the afternoon of 2 October, he picked up a kitchen knife and twice stabbed the sleeping baby, before stabbing Andreea six times.

He walked out of their home, and phoned 999, calmly saying: “I just killed my baby and my wife.” The pair weren’t actually married.

  • LISTEN: to the 999 call made by Denis Beytula

When an officer who arrived at the scene asked why he had blood on him, Beytula replied: “I killed them.”

Both Andreea and Andrei were taken to hospital. She survived her injuries, but the baby died four days later.

  • WATCH: bodycam footage of the moment Beytula was arrested

Beytula pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder at a previous court hearing.

Detective Inspector Graeme Dodds said: “He’s an evil man. It is the worst case I've had to investigate in 20 years of police service. He should have been the absolute protector of Andreea and Andrei and, because of his own jealousy and selfishness, he took Andrei's life and tried to take Andreea's.”

The police said Beytula had shown no remorse.

Statement from Andreea Stefan:

It is impossible for me to put into words the impact that this attack has had on me or how I feel in this moment.

Statement from Andreea Stefan