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Hundreds braved the North Sea in the annual 'Boxing Day dip'

  • Watch: Boxing Day dip in Tynemouth

Did you brave the cold this morning for the traditional 'Boxing Day dip'?

Hundreds lined the shores of Longsands in Tynemouth ready for the starting whistle to sprint towards the North Sea.

At Seaburn, in Sunderland, over 200 hardy souls clad in fancy dress rushed into the freezing water at for the 45th annual dip organised by the city's Lions Club.

Onlookers witnessed festive scenes of a Santa Claus and turkey running into the rough sea to raise money for their chosen charities.

Among the other quirky costumes to be seen were mermaids, lobsters, whoopie cushions and cakes all battling the bitter wind this morning.

Cries could be heard as the brave fundraisers of all ages dashed into the sea while huge crowds looked on.

Jim Nicol, 70, the Treasurer of Sunderland Lions Club and a retired finance worker, who lives in Sunderland, said:

We are really proud of what we do, it has been going for a long time.

People are very appreciative that we put this event on for them because it allows them to raise money.

I think there is an element of madness about the people who run in the sea.

But they are overcoming the cold because they care about what they are doing and what they are supporting.

– Jim Nicol