The Tyne and Wear Metro is to feature in a new four-part ITV documentary series.

Metro: A Rail Life Story takes a behind the scenes look at how the Metro system runs on a daily basis and follows the highs and lows from some of the network's busiest occasions.

The documentary also features footage from one of the Metro's busiest nights of 2019 - the Spice Girls concert in Sunderland.

Tobyn Hughes, managing director of Nexus, said: "We're all really looking forward to seeing the Tyne and Wear Metro showcased on national television."

Our story is our passengers and our staff, so we are keen to share this through a documentary series as Metro gets ready to mark its 40th year.

Tobyn Hughes, Nexus managing director
The documentary also features interviews with the people who keep the Metro running

"The ITV series will show viewers some of the amazing people who work around the clock to deliver the Metro service to the people of Tyne and Wear over one of our busiest ever summers, culminating with the Great North Run.

"Metro is firmly part of everyday life and it has become an iconic regional brand over the years. It is part of the unique fabric of the north east that sets it apart from the rest of the country: friendly, hardworking and with a unique cultural identity."

Mark Robinson, the documentary's executive producer, said: "We were delighted to be the first production team allowed to film in-depth behind the scenes on the Metro.

"We know it's become an iconic part of north east life over the last 40 years but now viewers all across the UK will be finding out about it.

"We'd like to thank all the Metro staff who allowed us to film a wide range of operations across last Summer. From huge, all-consuming events like the Spice Girls reunion to day-to-day issues like fare dodging, anti-social behaviour and dealing with an ageing fleet of trains, it was fascinating to see what it takes to keep the network running."

Metro: A Rail Life Story airs on ITV on Tuesday at 7.30pm.