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Man who died when his mobility scooter was hit by bus on Blackett Street had his view 'obscured', inquest hears

The incident happened on Blackett Street last year Credit: NCJMedia Syndication

A man who died after his mobility scooter was hit by a double decker bus on Blackett Street in Newcastle couldn't see the bus coming, an inquest has heard.

George 'Geordie' Bilclough had travelled from his home in Elswick on February 12 last year and was on his way to do some shopping in Eldon Square.

An inquest heard the 53-year-old was outside Next and was waiting to cross Blackett Street at the junction with Gallowgate and Percy Street.

When a bus travelling from Old Eldon Square away from Newcastle went past him, he rode out onto the pedestrian crossing behind it, despite the 'red man' still showing on the pedestrian lights.

The inquest heard Mr Biclough's view was obscured by a bus Credit: NCJMedia Syndication

The inquest heard three other people can be seen crossing the road and passing Mr Bilclough, which may have influenced his decision to cross.

Mr Bilclough didn't realise that there was another bus turning into Blackett Street at the time.

His view was obscured by the other bus and on the CCTV he appeared not to stop to ensure there were no vehicles coming from the left side, it was said.

Northumbria Police collision investigator PC Ian Hall said the bus driver, who was travelling at 13mph, was left with "no time to react" when he saw Mr Bilclough and hit his left side.

Mr Bilclough suffered "massive chest injuries" in the crash and died a day later in Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI).

The inquest heard Mr Bilclough had a history of chronic obstructive pulmorary disease (COPD) from smoking and used a mobility scooter to get around, as his condition caused breathing difficulties.

A police officer examines the scene where the incident happened Credit: NCJMedia Syndication

PC Hall told the inquest: "The CCTV shows George arriving at the pedestrian crossing adjacent to Next.

"The bus travelling from the west towards Eldon Square crosses over the centre of the road.

"George at that point chooses to enter the pedestrian crossing area. As he does that the eastbound bus is obscured from him and he doesn't appear to stop to make sure there are no vehicles coming from the left side.

"Three people can be seen walking past George into the road behind the bus, but they are across the carriageway as George starts to make his way out.

"It could be that seeing them has influenced him to make that decision to cross, incorrectly thinking that the traffic had stopped.

"The pedestrian crossing wasn't activated - the pedestrian lights would have been red and the traffic lights would have been green."

He added: "The driver would have had no time to avoid the collision with George."

The inquest heard Mr Bilclough went into cardiac arrest at the scene. Paramedics gave him CPR and restored his circulation.

He was then transferred to the RVI where he suffered another cardiac arrest and a CT scan showed he had an air leak in the left side of his chest.

He continued to deteriorate and died at 5:45pm on February 13.

A conclusion of accidental death was recorded.

After his death, Mr Bilclough's family said: "He fought a good fight but lost in the end. He will forever be missed and his love will never be lost."