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Teenager stabbed her dad in the back with kitchen knife after furious family row, trial told

Jessica Breeze was 19 at the time Credit: NCJ Media

A young woman has gone on trial accused of murdering her dad by plunging a large kitchen knife into his back.

Jessica Breeze, 20, stabbed her father Colin Brady, 49, to death after an argument broke out between the pair at their home on Keith Road in Middlesbrough.

A jury at Teesside Crown Court heard how Mr Brady, 49, had punched and slapped Breeze - who was 19 at the time - several times after discovering that she had a new boyfriend which she had kept a secret from her parents.

When her mother Kelly Breeze tried to intervene, Mr Brady allegedly put his thumb in her eye socket before threatening to slit his own throat.

The family home on Keith Road in Middlesbrough. Credit: NCJ Media

Nick Dry, prosecuting, told the court Brady allegedly took Breeze's phone off her and told them he was going to smash the mum and daughter's cars up.

It was at that point that Kelly Breeze became aware of her daughter Jessica moving quickly past her and towards her father and then raising her right arm and stabbing him in the back."

– Nick Dry, prosecuting

Mr Dry said Mr Brady managed to walk into the living room before collapsing on the sofa and asking his daughter what she had done.

It happened on June 20 last year.

Both women made 999 calls before Breeze, who had briefly explained what had happened to a neighbour, was arrested by police.

Mr Dry told the court how Mr Brady was taken to James Cook University Hospital in the town where he received emergency treatment.

Despite all efforts to save his life, he was pronounced dead at four minutes before midnight."

– Nick Dry, prosecuting
Forensics at the scene of the murder Credit: NCJ Media

The court heard how the knife, having entered Mr Brady’s back, had passed into his chest, almost the entire width of his left lung and took off a sliver of bone from his ribs.

Mr Dry told the court how Breeze's relationship with her father was "troubled" and "volatile".

He said that her parents believed Breeze, then 19, was leaving for work in a local nursery every morning.

However she had began a relationship with a man called Adam Leonard and was was actually spending her days with him.

She spent the morning of June 20 with Mr Leonard and attended the home of his brother with whom he was in dispute.

The court heard how a fight broke out between the brothers and Breeze drove her boyfriend away.

She later visited Middlesbrough police station as she did not want officers to inform her father of her part in the incident - however they had already visited her home.

Her father told her to pack her bags and go and live with her boyfriend.

A process which she began before he relented and said she could stay."

– Nick Dry, prosecuting
Tributes left at the scene Credit: NCJ Media

Telephone enquiries showed Mr Brady had made enquiries to his sister Faye, who knew of Mr Leonard.

The court heard how Jessica Breeze said Faye was pestering her for money and suggested that she was being used by her.

Mr Brady allegedly lost his temper, threw food to the floor and was advancing upon Jessica, who was sitting on the sofa near the front window of the living room.

In a nutshell it’s the prosecution’s case it may have been necessary for her to use some force in the incident to defend her and her mother.

What she did by plunging a large kitchen knife into the back of her father as he was walking away from her with his coat on, heading for the door, having indicated he was going to leave the house, cannot be reasonable."

– Nick Dry, prosecuting

Jessica Breeze, of Central Mews, central Middlesbrough, denies murder.

The trial is expected to last five days.