Here's Emma's 'easy read' roundup of weekend weather warnings for Saturday night

There are a number of weather warnings in force across the UK at present and many of the warnings overlap and look quite complex.The ITV Tyne Tees region has a couple of warnings in force, courtesy of Storm Ciara, so here I've summarised them to give our viewers more of an 'at-a-glance' overview.

The Met Office advise against making unnecessary journeys on Sunday 9th February 2020, but if you must travel, then please do check theMet Office website overnight where the very latest information will be processed and warnings regularly updated.

There is some uncertainty over the shape of the inbound low pressure system, but the track of Storm Ciara is pretty certain.

A Yellow wind warning comes into force from midnight Saturday 8th and runs until midnight Sunday 9th February. 50-60mph winds, stronger gusts of 70mph in exposure.

We are just to the north of a stronger amber wind warning which could affect the south Pennines on Sunday, but probably not the ITV Tyne Tees patch judging by the current track.

There is a Yellow warning for heavy rain running from midnight Saturday 8th - 6pm on Sunday 9th February. 50-70mm rainfall expected widely across these areas, and possibly up to 100mm locally.

Many events across the region which were planned for Sunday have already been cancelled.Travel disruption is anticipated as well as restrictions on bridges.

Warnings are constantly being updated, 24 hours a day, for the whole of the UK, please visit the Met Office website for the very latest information.