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People warned to stay out of flood water in North Yorkshire

Impact of flooding at Morton-on-Swale near Northallerton this morning Credit: North Yorkshire Council

Storm Dennis continued to leave its mark on North Yorkshire on Sunday, with significant flood water on many roads.

It comes as a warning that some river levels will continue to rise for the next few days was issued by the council.

North Yorkshire Council says rainfall levels across the amber areas in the Pennines were 60-80mm and that water is now filtering through watercourses into streams and rivers and will continue to do so for a number of days.

As a result, the multi-agency response team managing impacts in the county and the City of York is issuing a strong warning to the public.

“There may be a view that because the rain is easing away the problem is over – that’s not the case and the impact of the rainfall will continue to become apparent over the next hours and days.

“We appeal to the public to continue to stay safe and to heed all warning signs and messaging.

“We are grateful to the vast majority of people who have listened to our advice to prepare and take care. However, we now have widespread flooding across a number of roads in the North Yorkshire particularly and it’s vital people don’t take risks.

“Already today a number of motorists have had to be rescued from flood water and that’s really disappointing given the number of warnings we have been issuing.

“I would also like to reiterate the call to people to stay away from rivers and other areas of open water. Many are swollen and that may well get worse. Water may be fast moving and dangerous.”

– Group Manager at North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Lee Smith

It comes as other parts of the North East felt the effects of Storm Dennis.

At Croft on Tees, there were roads blocked by floodwater while the River Tees at Hurworth Place was fast flowing under the Croft Bridge.

In Durham, the River Wear flooded footpaths around its banks.

Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Meanwhile, there was also ongoing disruption on the regions roads and railways.

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