The total cost of dementia care in the North East is set to soar over the next decade, putting those affected by the condition under increasing pressure.

The latest figures for the region estimate care costs will rise from their current level of £1.430 billion to £2.384bn in 2030, an increase of 66.7%.


£1.430 billion


£2.384 billion


increase over 10 years

Alzheimers Society is calling for immediate social care investment to be a key pillar of the Government's forthcoming Spring Budget on 11 March.

Alzheimer’s Society is demanding urgent investment in dementia care. Credit: Alzheimer’s Society

The figures, calculated by the London School of Economics and Political Science, combine costs to the NHS, social care and the value of unpaid care provided by family members.

Across England it is estimated that around 60% of social care costs are typically met by people living with dementia and their families because they do not qualify for state support.

Alzheimer’s Society is demanding urgent investment, backing calls for £8bn in extra funding for adult social care in England by 2020/21.

The charity estimates at least £2.65bn of that amount could be spent on care for people living with dementia to improve the devastating financial and emotional impact they and their families face when accessing care.

The social care system is unfair and unfit for people living with dementia. Alzheimer’s Society is campaigning to end this injustice.

Judith King, Head of Region for Alzheimer’s Society

Previous research by Alzheimer’s Society has shown that someone with dementia will typically have to spend £100,000 on their care. Many are forced to sell their homes to pay for it.

Alzheimer’s Society is calling for dementia care to be funded like other public services, such as the NHS and education, where the cost is shared across society, protecting individuals and their families from the devastating costs of specialist dementia care.

The Department for Health and Social Care says extra money is being provided.