Teesside school shut over Coronavirus fears after students show flu-like symptoms following Italy ski trip

A Teesside school has closed amid concerns over the Coronavirus.

Youngsters and staff at Trinity Catholic College in Middlesbrough recently returned from northern Italy on Monday, after an eight-day ski trip.

The school has taken the decision to shut for a deep clean to limit the risk of infection. It will reopen on Monday 3rd March.

A letter sent to parents from headteacher Louise Dwyer confirmed that 36 pupils had been sent home on Tuesday.

The school says a small number of pupils and staff began showing mild flu-like symptoms.

On their website, the school states "during this time, the school will be able to conduct a precautionary deep clean of the school buildings".

Updated advice from the chief medical officer now recommends that anyone returning to the UK from 11 quarantined towns in the country should now "self-isolate".

Those who have been to northern Italy and develop symptoms, however mild, should also stay indoors and avoid contact with people.

A second school in Darlington has also updated parents of children who returned from a ski trip in Falcade, Italy.

Carmel College staff initially instructed students to self-isolate, but now say given the distance of Falcade from affected areas in Italy, they may continue attending school as normal.