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New County Durham factory to make a million bottles of hand sanitiser a month

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Ambitious plans have been announced to build a factory in County Durham that will create a million bottles of hand sanitisers a month, to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

The products will be produced by INEOS, according to World Health Organisation specifications and be specifically designed to kill bacteria and viruses.

The company will provide free issue product for hospitals Credit: INEOS

INEOS is Europe’s largest producer of the two key raw material needed for hospital-grade hand sanitiser and produces almost 1 million tonnes and has a production plant near Newton Aycliffe.

The company plans on meeting the needs of front line medical and care services as well as making the “pocket bottle” hand sanitisers for personal use for people across the UK and Europe. Main supplies will be offered to hospitals, schools, places of work, pharmacies and supermarkets.

Supermarkets have imposed a buying limit on certain products including sanitisers Credit: PA
  • Sir Jim Ratcliffe, founder and chairman of INEOS says:

It is becoming increasingly clear that hand to mouth infection is a significant cause of Corona virus contagion and INEOS is Europe’s largest manufacturer of the core ingredient of hand sanitiser.

We will build two factories in the UK and Germany in 10 days to produce very substantial supplies.

INEOS is a company with enormous resources and manufacturing skills. If we can find other ways to help in the coronavirus battle, we are absolutely committed to playing our part.


INEOS Group Director Tom Crotty said the expertise to make a success of this project, is in our region:

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