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What a difference two days make: Coronavirus lockdown empties seaside town

Seaton Carew on Sunday 22 March Credit: NCJMEDIA SYNDICATION

What a difference two days make.

These stark images highlight the difference lockdown has brought to Teesside's seaside in just a matter of days.

Seaton Carew beach was packed with groups of families tucking into fish and chips and ice cream at the coast on Sunday.

But on Tuesday morning, the town centre and promenade stand deserted.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson repeatedly warned people across the country to stay at home and avoid socialising in an attempt to combat the spread of coronavirus. But his message was ignored.

On Monday 23 March 2020, the threat of “further measures” was put into place and the UK was effectively put into lockdown.

Seaton Carew on Sunday 22 March Credit: NCJMEDIA SYNDICATION

The pictures show how our streets and communities now look as the country comes together to try and protect our NHS and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Hartlepool Council has now attached signs to steps of the beach stating that it's closed.

The notice states: "In light of the coronavirus outbreak members of the public are asked not to enter the beach until further notice.

"Hartlepool Council apologises for any inconvenience this may cause."

The topic of self-isolation and social distancing has become a controversial subject over the last week.

Residents were left outraged after people of all ages gathered together at the beach as well as in queues waiting outside of fish and chip takeaways and ice cream shops - with little visible space in between each person.

The scenes were repeated in Redcar and Saltburn, on Roseberry Topping and at a host of other beauty spots as some took school and work closures as an opportunity to get out for the day - but ignored social distancing advice to remain two metres apart.

One local resident, who did not want to be named, said over the weekend: "People are just not listening are they? People are just so so selfish, that's the top and bottom.

"Have they not seen the scenes in Italy and other countries? People are dying. And even if you feel ok you could potentially be carrying this disease.

"Do you really think the Government would shut down the country if this wasn't serious? Honestly I can't get over the stupidity and complete pig-ignorance."

Seaton Carew on Sunday 22 March Credit: NCJMEDIA SYNDICATION

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