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The self-isolating couple finally getting married after five years of asking

Eddie and Eileen Credit: Gazette Media Company Syndication

A couple from Middlesbrough are finally getting married - after five years of asking.

Eddie Johnson says he's "over the moon" after Eileen McLeod agreed to marry him.

The couple, aged 81 and 75 respectively, are self-isolating together at Eddie’s home in the town.

Johnson, a journalist before he retired, has put his bit of good news all down to the coronavirus pandemic.

Eileen, a great grandma, wouldn’t have accepted his offer or moved in with him otherwise, he said.

“The virus has actually been good news for me,” said Eddie.

I have been trying to marry this lady for five years and she has refused up until now."

– Eddie Johnson

“We have been told to self isolate and she has come to live with me temporarily so we can self isolate together.

“I asked her to marry me again and she said yes. I am absolutely over the moon.”

Eddie and Eileen are self-isolating together at his home in Middlesbrough Credit: Gazette Media Company Syndication

The couple, who are both widowed, met at St John’s Church on Marton Road in Middlesbrough and got together around five years ago.

Eddie asked Eileen to marry him then but she refused. He has kept asking ever since but the answer was always no.

The couple were due to go on a Hawaiian cruise last week and flew out to California only to learn it had been cancelled and they had to fly straight home again.

Eileen, a care home manager before she retired, said she finally accepted Eddie’s offer because of the current situation.

“The decision we both made was for us to both live in the same place, we can share the food and it is good company for us both,” she said.

You never know though, by the time it is up he might want to throw me out!”

– Eileen McLeod

They are planning to set a date and buy a ring when the situation allows.

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