A County Durham woman has made a frank and desperate plea for people to abide by social distancing guidelines.

52-year-old Michele Robson from Durham is currently in the University of North Durham Hospital, where she is being treated for COVID-19.

Her family say she remains seriously ill.

Hooked up to a ventilator she took to social media to show just how aggressive the virus can be, in an attempt to encourage the public to avoid social situations.

I wouldn't wish this on anyone, so please, please be careful. Big gatherings shouldn't be happening. If they do, people that take part are walking virus distribution centres, and it's responsible for a lot of sickness and death."

Michele Robson

The video has been viewed almost 25,000 times on Facebook.

At one point in the video, Michele describes people who continue to flout social distancing rules as 'walking virus distribution centres'.

She was prompted to post the video online after her sister, who lives in Northumberland, said hundreds of people visited the county over the weekend, for day-trips.

With further good weather forecast for this weekend, Michele thought people might think twice, if they realised the serious consequences of their seemingly harmless actions.

The video has been viewed almost 25,000 times on Facebook.