Our NHS Heroes! A gallery of all the incredible people working hard to keep us safe

The Maternity team at the RVI. Credit: Gayle Ripley
This is Rebecca Leslie - a critical care nurse at the RVI. She's supposed to be on annual leave but she's putting in night shifts to help the team. This shout out comes from her sister Rebecca who is also a nurse at the RVI - super sisters! Credit: Rachel Leslie
Rachel wanted to shout out her fantastic critical care team from Ward 37 at the Freeman Hospital. Credit: Rachel McIlwaine
The lovely critical care team from the RVI. Credit: Tori Quinn
The Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy team from the Freeman Hospital. Credit: Charlotte Proud
The Oncology team from Ward 35 at the Freeman Hospital. Credit: Henry Tupaz
Here's the amazing Theatre Team from the Leazes Wing at the RVI. Credit: Stacey Kearney
Credit: Glenfield Nursery School
NHS workers at North Tees Hospital holding up pictures sent to them by Glenfield Nursery School.