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Big Pink Dress raises money for NHS on walk through South Shields

There was a rather colourful sight in South Shields on Saturday.

Fundraiser Colin Burgin-Plews, the man behind the Big Pink Dress used his daily exercise to raise money for the NHS.

In a rainbow dress and carrying a two metre stick so he could adhere to social distancing he walked 10k through his home town waving at people from their windows and cars.

His first stop was to South Tyneside District Hospital where he received treatment last year.

Over the last five years Colin has ran marathons and half marathons, raising money for charities including those fighting breast cancer, supporting young people and the homeless.

'The NHS means an awful lot to me. They do such amazing work. They put their lives on the line and I just want to give a little back. I'll be doing what I'm supposed to do. Sticking to the government guidelines, I'm not putting anyone in danger and I'm getting my daily exercise. '

– Colin Burgin-Plews