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Shadow Cabinet roles for North East Labour MPs

Bridget Phillipson and Andy McDonald are both part of the Shadow Cabinet. Credit: PA

Sir Keir Starmer has chosen his Shadow Cabinet, after his election as Labour Party leader on Saturday.

Several of our region's MPs are on the move.

Houghton and Sunderland South MP Bridget Phillipson joins Labour's frontbench team as Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

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She will be the deputy to new Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds.

Before entering politics, Ms Phillipson managed a refuge for women and children affected by domestic violence.

She campaigned for a second EU referendum, and supported Sir Keir during the leadership contest.

Bridget Phillipson has been the MP for Houghton and Sunderland South since 2010. Credit: PA

Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald has been moved from the transport brief, to become Shadow Employment Rights and Protections Secretary.

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Andy McDonald had been Shadow Transport Secretary since 2016. Credit: PA

York Central MP Rachael Maskell had been Labour's employment rights spokesperson. She is not part of the new Shadow Cabinet.

Rachael Maskell nominated Emily Thornberry for the Labour leadership. Credit: PA

On Sunday it was confirmed that Wansbeck MP Ian Lavery had lost his position as chairman of the Labour Party, a role he had held since June 2017.

He is a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn, and had supported Rebecca Long-Bailey's campaign for the leadership.

It is not clear if he was sacked by Sir Keir Starmer, or chose to step down.

Ian Lavery has been the MP for Wansbeck since 2010. Credit: PA

Over the past five years I have been immensely proud to serve under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn as Shadow Minister for Trade Unions, Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office and lastly as Party Chair and joint national campaign coordinator.

''I am proud that our party now has almost 600,000 members and a renewed relationship with our trade unions who now play a vital role in our party and not only called upon for finances come election time. We have reestablished a movement that seeks to better the lives of working people.

''Our new leadership team must continue to embrace the popular common sense agenda developed in the last few years. It must reconnect with our heartland communities who felt so badly let down over our deafness on Brexit and we must continue to develop our community organising unit to rebuild in areas we need to win again.

''Saturday marked a change in leadership but there can be no turning the clock back. The crises that face our nation call for big ideas, now is not the time for temerity. In grasping these challenges and taking our party back into government where we can do so much good our new team will have my unswerving support."

– Ian Lavery

Newcastle East MP Nick Brown is continuing as Opposition Chief Whip.

This is a key behind-the-scenes role, with responsibilities including encouraging MPs to vote in line with the party leadership.

Nick Brown has been Chief Whip for Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Jeremy Corbyn. Credit: PA