We've all had a bit of a crash course in isolation this last fortnight as we try to stay at home and save lives.

But for one woman, isolation is the norm. Amanda Owen, known as the 'Yorkshire Shepherdess' and best selling author, lives high above the hills in Swaledale.

Her farm may be 1,300 feet above sea level and 50 miles from the nearest large town, but she is far from alone as she shares her home with her husband Clive, their 9 children and 1,000 sheep.

With 2,000 acres of land, Amanda is highly unlikely to come within two metres of anyone not living within her household, but she has a message for anyone struggling with being cooped up indoors - and that's: ''The countryside isn't going anywhere''...

It must be incredibly difficult to look out of your window, see the great outdoors, see the hills and not be able to head out there but, I guess my message is that things are kind of timeless out here, nothing changes, it will all be there for the taking when this is over.

Amanda Owen

Amanda Owen spoke to ITV News Correspondent Jon Hill: