Residents of Robin Hood's Bay near Whitby were surprised to see a Dalek patrolling the streets and telling people to stay indoors.

The Dr Who villain did a good job of 'exterminating' people from the usually packed out tourist hot spot.

The extraterrestrial yelled: ''By order of the Daleks, all humans must stay indoors, all humans must self-isolate,” as it zoomed through the streets.

Thanks to It's Gone Viral for the video.

B&B owner Louise Parker who took the video says it's a ''relief'' to have the extraterrestrials on the community's side:

''Robin Hood's Bay is a lovely caring community, so it was a relief to see the Dalek going passed our house, informing anyone who was not self isolating to listen to the government/Dalek guidelines, we are lucky to have our very own local Dalek.

Louise Parker, Robin Hood's Bay resident