Hexham MP: 'Boris is in good hands'

Guy Opperman has said there is ''absolutely no doubt'' that Boris Johnson is receiving the best possible care as the Prime Minister remains at St Thomas' Hospital in London with coronavirus.

The Hexham MP was also treated at the hospital's intensive care unit, after collapsing at the House of Commons with a brain tumour in April 2011.

On Twitter he said: ''I owe my life to the amazing team there. Our PM is in good hands.''

Speaking to ITV News Tyne Tees, the Conservative MP said:

I know this hospital very very well, it's an outstanding hospital St Thomas' and I am sure he will be receiving exemplary care. ''Clearly it is a very scary time for anybody suffering this, it doesn't matter who you are or where you are from, you are fighting a really, really serious illness and there is no vaccine and there is no ability to treat and we are in a situation where you are relatively powerless.''

Guy Opperman MP, Hexham

The Prime Minister has been described as ''stable and in good spirits'' this afternoon. It has been confirmed that he has received standard oxygen treatment but is breathing without any other assistance.

Mr Opperman who likened Boris Johnson to a ''Duracell Bunny'' said there' is no question that he'll be deflated at this time:

I have known Boris for a very long time, he is a bouncy, powerful, full of life individual who is the 'Duracell Bunny' there is no question that he will be massively deflated at his inability to lead the country at this time. ''But he has all of our support I have been touched by the outpouring of emotion and support and prayers and thoughts for him from all political parties from all people, both in my constituency and across Westminster who at a time of a national crisis, a national pandemic, they want the man who leads this country back at the helm.''

Guy Opperman MP, Hexham

Boris Johnson has put Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab in charge of running the Government “where necessary” in his absence.

Mr Opperman said: "It's a bit like a football team which has lost its captain....''

You can still put out a team and you still have the ability to function. There are a lot of ministers working away in various departments, you know there are over a hundred ministers. This is not a government run entirely by one person. Clearly the Prime Minister is utterly, utterly vital to that process and we want him back at the helm. But government ministers are continuing to function.''

Guy Opperman MP, Hexham