Huge 'thank you' message mowed into lawn at Cramlington hospital for NHS workers

A huge 'thank you' message has been mowed into the lawn at the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in Cramlington.

It's not the only attraction outside the wards. Last year, a group of doctors used their own money to buy daffodil bulbs, which they planted around the grounds. Now, they have sprouted to make a beautiful border for the 'thank you' message to NHS workers.

Dr David Cowen (left) and his colleagues planted the daffodils last year Credit: @Wendyfail

Dr David Cowen, an anaesthetist with Northumbria NHS Trust, wanted to enrich the grounds for staff and visitors. With help from donations, he bought thousands of bulbs to plant around the hospital last year.

Volunteers agree it seems appropriate for them to be flourishing now, in a time of crisis.

No-one could ever have imagined last year when we plated the daffodil bulbs that only a few months later the world would be gripped by a pandemic. I think it's a real show to everybody how much we really care, and how proud we are of all those working for the NHS. During such bleak times, the daffodils provide all those at the hospital a wonderful glimmer of nature's beauty and hope; things will get better.

Wendy Fail, volunteer
Staff say the daffodils make them smile Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

David's passion and enthusiasm is infectious and he really is one of the most hard-working, visionary, yet humble, people you could meet. I was just pleased I had the opportunity to contribute and give something back to the NHS, who have helped me so much. Since planting, a large THANK YOU has been mown on the grass below NHS - just a lovely, lovely way to show everyone that we're all in this together and we all so very appreciative.

Wendy Fail, volunteer
A creative way to show appreciation Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The police have also said a special 'thank you' to staff in Cramlington with a huge round of applause.

And on social media, messages of support, motivation and gratitude flood in too.