Meet Byker's answer to Joe Wicks... and he's called Joe too!

We’ve found Byker’s answer to Joe Wicks in PE teacher Joe Danquah.

When the schools closed to stop the spread of coronavirus, Mr Danquah started to worry his Byker Primary School pupils would not exercise. Taking matters into his own hands, and making use of the internet, the 27 year old decided to post his PE lessons on Youtube.

Children from Byker Primary are joining him to get their exercise, and they're not the only ones! Children from across the world are watching Mr Danquah.

The videos feature a range of challenges, which aim to develop key skills such as throwing, catching, jumping and landing. They focus on agility, balance and coordination. All of the videos are created in line with the National PE Guidelines.

Joe Danquah wants to give the children more than a dose of exercise. He says, for him, motivation is crucial at a time like this. He also says that seeing a familiar face can help a child with their routine, despite being in lockdown.

The children are a dream to teach! They are full of excitement, ideas, passion, determination and are very engaged when it comes to learning more! They challenge me to become better on a daily basis as they are just so amazing! Our PE lessons are full of laughter and challenges whilst learning and of course we always have music playing in the background!

Joe Danquah

One celebrity lifestyle coach has been welcomed into households across the nation for daily exercise classes. Joe Wicks said he was on a mission to motivate young people during the lockdown and his work inspired Mr Danquah to make his videos.

Two children taking part in a Joe Wicks class online Credit: PA

Have we found Byker's answer to Joe Wicks in Mr Danquah?

“Funnily enough all of the children and fellow teachers have been saying that! My first name is Joe as well!

Joe Danquah

Mr Danquah told us he was overwhelmed by the global response to his videos.

We have received lots of positive feedback from Newcastle United Foundation, PE and School Sports Service , Children North East and many other schools/organisations and PE Teachers and specialists in Newcastle. As well as this, other staff members that have previously worked at our school, but now work in other countries such as China and Kuwait have been using our channel for their children!

Joe Danquah

We asked for Mr D's top three exercises to do at home:

  • Sit ups for strong core

  • Burpees to work a range of muscles

  • Squats for strong legs

And of course, he has provided a video to help us!