After pupils at a primary school on Teesside were bitterly disappointed when coronavirus denied them their chance to put on a show, their teacher was determined to make them smile.

Glenn Carter decided to record his own version of 'Any Dream Will Do' for the children, but changed it to fit the current lockdown situation.

The original song was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber for the 1968 musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

But making light of the current demand for food in supermarkets, Glen called it 'Any Bread Will Do'.

Carter made the video for children at Ingleby Mill Primary School in Ingleby Barwick, where he works. They were set to put on a performance of 'Joseph' in April.

However, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the school closed before they could do it.

Glenn, 31, said: "We were ready to perform to parents and the school. Naturally, we were all gutted as it was ready to go. So this is for the children and staff at my school who worked so hard but haven't yet had their chance to perform it!"

The kids were really upset that they couldn’t do the performance. So we thought we’d do something daft instead to put a smile on the kids’ faces."

Glenn Carter

When staff at the school had discussed making a video, Glenn put himself forward to do it.

The History teacher came up with the words to his version of the song with the help of another teacher, Les Rix.

The lead character is in Carter's class:

'Joseph' is one of my students so that gave me extra impetus. He was so upset. He sobbed his heart out. And I thought you deserve something positive."

Glenn Carter

Glenn was so committed to the idea that he recorded most of the video on his and his wife's fifth wedding anniversary!

He's hoping the video can get enough exposure to reach Andrew Lloyd Webber.

"This would absolutely make the children's hearts swell knowing that all of their practice and effort wasn't for nothing".