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Emergency NHS workers lift spirits with lip-sync video during 13 hour shift

NHS workers are under a lot of strain at the moment as the coronavirus crisis continues.

But two emergency workers from Billingham in Stockton are still making sure they can have a laugh together.

Technicians Simon Gettings and Andrew Bell are crew mates, working together from Hartlepool South station.

During a 13 hour shift, they recorded a lip-sync video of the 1970s hit, 'Rock the Boat' by the American trio Hues Corporation.

After Simon's wife uploaded the video to Facebook, he sent it to ITV News Tyne Tees:

She wanted to know how hard we work but that we can have a little moment of laughter to brighten up the day."

– Simon Gettings

Check out the video below, with Andrew on the left and Simon on the right.

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