Many of us are working from home to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Being away from your workplace can be tricky, especially if you have an eager furry friend trying to assist!

Our reporters and producers have taken snaps of their pets helping out with the news.

We asked you to send us your photos too, and you did not disappoint!

Every cameraman needs a helper like Ash Credit: Peter Rossiter
This is Pudding 'helping' our producer Sarah Colley work from home Credit: Sarah Colley
Hilda is keeping the files in order Credit: Jennifer Gilling
Some of you have a few assistants! Credit: Clare Tyler-Roberts
Room for a little one? Credit: Sarah Charlton Green
George is supervising Jonathan Yates and he works from home Credit: Jonathan Yates
Apparently Yoda doesn't do Wednesdays! Credit: Hannah Brooker
We bet this little cutie is distracting Credit: Ken Stow