Newcastle woman jailed after throwing alcohol over woman wearing hijab and told her it was raining

A drunk yob threw booze over a woman wearing a hijab and told her itwas raining as she walked down a Newcastle street.

Shannon Thorpe randomly targeted the lone female student, who shedidn't know, on Westgate Road in April last year, while she was onbail for a previous assault.

The 25-year-old was charged with common assault against the woman andwas in court last year to plead not guilty to the offence.

However, she failed to show for her trial and the case was proved inher absence and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Thorpe, of Westgate Road, appeared in the dock at North TynesideMagistrates' Court on Thursday, where she also admitted breaching acommunity order and failing to surrender to custody.

Prosecutor, James Long, said the victim was walking down Westgate Roadat around 6.20 pm on April 30 last year when she suddenly felt likeshe'd been "splashed with water".

"She turned around and realised that it was not water but an alcoholicdrink," Mr Long added. "She saw a female holding a plastic cup, whichwas still dripping on the ground.

"The victim clearly believed that the defendant had thrown alcohol onher. She spoke with the defendant and asked why she had thrownsomething.

"The defendant replied 'I didn't, it's raining'. Well, it was not raining. "

The court was told that Thorpe then accused the victim, who waswearing a hijab, of harassing her before the matter was reported tothe police.

Alanna Wesencraft, defending, said Thorpe was an alcoholic at the timebut had made positive steps to reduce her booze intake.

Thorpe also admitted breaching a community order, given for a previousassault offence, by not attending appointments with Probation.

Jailing her for a total of 20 weeks and ordering her to pay £150compensation to the victim, District Judge Sarah Griffiths said: "Youhave to take responsibility for your behaviour and actions.

"You were convicted of throwing a cup containing alcohol over someonewho was minding their own business by simply walking up the street.

"You have got no right to throw anything over someone walking up thestreet. It's an assault and completely unforgivable."