Police issue fines as tourists ignore lockdown rules and travel to North Yorkshire on 'unnecessary journeys'

Despite numerous warnings to day-trippers to not visit North Yorkshire this weekend, police have confirmed that fines were issued to people travelling from as far as Kent.

On the weekend 25-26th April, 61 fines were handed out to those not following government guidance and making unnecessary journeys.

31 fines were issued on Saturday to people visiting from West Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and as far away as Kent.

17 fines were issued in the village of Malham alone – with 13 being written in an hour.

A further 30 fines were issued on Sunday, with officers issuing six fines in Brotherton to people gathering to go off-road biking.

Other unnecessary journeys included a man travelling from Yarm to Wakefield to pick up paint and two men travelling to Bradford to view a car.

Speaking about this weekend’s enforcement Assistant Chief Constable Mike Walker said: