Killer whales spotted off the North East coast

Orcas off the east coast Credit: Edward Sinclair

A group of orcas has been spotted off the North East coast.

More commonly known as killer whales, the 'pod' was captured on camera by Edward Sinclair - a lobster fisherman.

The giant mammals, which can grow to be the size of a bus, were spotted a few miles east of Holy Island.

Edward says he has fished in these parts of the world for six years and never seen killer whales.

Watch the moment the pod resurfaces.

A number of orca were also spotted off the coast of Eyemouth by fishermen on Sunday.

Credit: Edward Sinclair

Some conservationists believe the reduced sea traffic during the coronavirus lockdown could be encouraging the orcas to explore new areas.

Facts about killer whales:

  • Orcas are not whales, they are dolphins.

  • Swim up to 40 miles a day, foraging for food and exercising, and can dive 100 to 500 feet.

  • They hunt in deadly pods, family groups of up to 40.

  • Orcas often live in frequent cold, coastal waters, and can also be found from the polar regions to the Equator.

  • Fish, penguins, and marine mammals such as seals, sea lions, and even whales.