The region remembers: a picture gallery to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day celebrations

Communities across the region are marking the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Although planned public gatherings have been cancelled because of the coronavirus outbreak, people across the North East and North Yorkshire have been putting up decorations and many are expected to hold parties at home, on the street and in their gardens.

Watch Kris Jepson's round up of the region's VE Day 75 celebrations:

A two-minute national silence was observed at 11am to honour the memories of the British servicemen and women who gave their lives during the conflict. The silence was led by Prince Charles and Camilla from Scotland, where they are self-isolating.Boris Johnson marked the silence in Downing Street, as millions across the country paused at 11am to remember the price so many paid for freedom.

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In our region, a small service was held in Newcastle's Eldon Square. The Lord Mayor was joined by the leader of the council, the Bishop of Newcastle and members of the armed forces to mark the occasion.

Our region remembers...

Thank you to our viewers who sent in their memories, family history and photographs.

Ian Waller shared this incredible story with us.

My grandad Ernest Mason died in a Japanese POW camp. He spent two days in the water after his ship was torpedoed and was picked up by the Japanese. My brother and I found he was buried in Singapore and flew out there to bury his wife’s wedding ring in his grave. It was like putting them back together again. I wonder how they would have felt on this day 75 years ago? War was over but no husband or dad coming home.

When Nan passed away aged 86, we were going through her things and found the letters he sent her when he was a POW. They were only postcards with only a few lines as that’s all they were allowed. I’m glad we did it now looking back. Standing at my grandad's grave was surreal. I said to my brother we are the only members of his family who have ever visited his grave.

Telling the story is for future generations because we all live in the land of the free because of them.

Credit: Ian Waller
Credit: Ian Waller

Claire Burns has sent us this incredible photograph.

It shows her mother, Ann Whitfield nee Paxton, celebrating VE Day with her mother Edna Paxton, sister and the whole street in Naylor Avenue, Winlaton Mill.

Credit: Claire Burns

A day of celebration...

We asked if you were going all out to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day like Louise, Darryn and the Potteries, pictured here in South Shields?

Thank you to our viewers that sent us their pictures of celebration from around the region.

Credit: Louise, South Sheilds

Jane Edmonds sent us pictures of the VE Day celebrations on Windsor Terrace, South Gosforth.

Credit: Jane Edmonds
Credit: Jane Edmonds

Victoria Hall and her children made this lovely bunting.

Credit: Victoria Hall

Jasmine Corner sent us a picture of her window display.

Credit: Jasmine Corner

Anita Armstrong's son decorated his bedroom window to mark VE Day 75

Credit: Anita Armstrong

Michael Chapman from Houghton-le-Spring sent this photo, showing a cloud in the shape of a fallen soldier.

Credit: Michael Chapman

" A rainbow circling the sun this morning at 11am when the remembrance silence was on..." from Andrew Thomas in Middlesbrough

Credit: Andrew Thomas

The children have been making scarecrows, 'Mr and Mrs VE Day' at home in Morwick, Northumberland, to make people smile and know one day "we’ll all meet again". Mrs Curry, Northumberland

Credit: Mrs Curry

In Cornsay Colliery, we are having a full village doorstep VE Day celebration!Clare Metcalf

Credit: Clare Metcalf
Credit: Clare Metcalf

Sarah Cook Hawthorn sent us these images of Telford Street in Wallsend which was decorated by Andrea Porter, friends and family.

"The street held a minutes' silence at 11am then plan to host bbq's and picnics throughout the day - whilst social distancing of course."

Credit: Sarah Cook Hawthorn

Vicky Coates from Hartlepool plays The Last Post for her street

And here are some more tributes from around the region for you to enjoy:

Then and Now...

Street parties and crowds cheering in Trafalgar Square marked Victory in Europe Day in 1945 – but Friday’s 75th anniversary of the momentous occasion will prove a stark contrast.

In our region, people lined the streets in joyous celebration, despite the weather.

On Twitter, the Northumberland Archives has uploaded a series of photographs and memories from the 8 May 1945.

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