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Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team warn hillwalkers PPE will slow any rescue efforts

Potential hill-goers in Northumberland are being advised to take extra precautions Credit: PA Images

The Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team has issued advice to anyone planning on a return to the hills.

It comes after the government changed its guidance to allow people to drive to remote areas for exercise.

The Mountain Rescue Team said it was anticipating an increase in people heading to the hills, moors and forests to spend time outdoors.

Iain Nixon, team leader, said: "People should remember that they may well not be as ‘hill-fit’ and that their skills may be a little rusty.

“The public should follow the sound advice on the Adventure Smart UK website and consider their skills and capabilities, anticipate the weather and have the right equipment for the activity they are undertaking.”

The team is asking potential hill-goers to make three main considerations:

  • Safety - think about the outdoor activity and where it's taking place, and scale back ambitions in the current circumstances while following the Adventure Smart advice.
  • Risk - think about the risk to yourself and rescue teams and their families if you do have an accident on the hills
  • Delay - The team warned that, due to it having to wear more PPE, response times would be slower.

Mountain rescue teams are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.