Fewer people accessing NHS support services amid coronavirus pandemic

The NHS is urging people across the North East to access support services if they need it.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to fewer people accessing NHS services for a range of conditions, including support with mental health problems, learning disabilities, autism and dementia.

Providers of mental health and learning disability services across the north of England are reminding people that help is still available.

We know that many people are understandably worried about catching or spreading the virus. People are also worried about being a ‘burden’ on the NHS system. But the NHS is here to support your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as your physical health.

John Lawlor, Chief Executive of CNTW
  • If you need urgent help with your mental health right now, you can use the NHS 111 online service or call 111

  • If you are concerned about the mental health of your child, please contact your GP or check online self-referral options for under 18 year olds HERE

If you’re already being supported by CNTW or TEWV, you are advised to continue to access services as usual, unless you have been told that there have been changes in how support is being provided.

It is understandable if you feel you need more mental health support at the moment. Lots of people are facing stress and anxiety about their own health and the health of friends and family; bereavements; financial insecurity, and changes to how they must live and work.

Colin Martin, Chief Executive at TEWV

The NHS is stressing that services are still available to support people with their mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.