Changes are being made in Newcastle to provide more room for social distancing and safer access to the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Road layouts in some areas will be altered to make more room for pedestrians and cyclists.

What will be involved?

  • Parking will be removed from Queen Victoria Road

  • One way systems will be marked on pavements

  • Temporary crossings

  • New cycle lanes

Work will begin on Queen Victoria Road and St Thomas’ Street. These are both key access routes to the Royal Victoria Infirmary. This is to provide safe routes for frontline NHS staff and visitors.

The parking bays will be suspended from May 27, and works will betaking place on May 28 and May 29.

The city council says it's working with NE1 on floor markings ahead of businesses opening. The marking will show people where to queue to stick to two metre distancing.

Changes are also being made to pedestrian crossings throughout the city centre so that the green man will appear more regularly, giving more opportunities for people to cross the road. It's hoped this will reduce the number of people waiting.

People in Newcastle will notice these changes from May 28.

While we have longer term ambitions for the city, right now we have to start with the immediate actions that are needed to enable people to move around safely and with social distancing as coronavirus restrictions start to ease.

Cllr Arlene Ainsley, Newcastle City Council

Further details about longer term measures will be published in the comingweeks.