"I beg you to not go anywhere yet", nurse pleas for public to follow lockdown rules after surviving COVID-19

A nurse from Teesside who almost died as a result of coronavirus is pleading for people not to drop their guard and act like the crisis is over.

Sue Wilson says the disease overwhelmed her and could easily take more lives if people don't stay alert and follow the latest guidelines to the letter.

  • Sue been talking to our correspondent Gregg Easteal:

Sue's battle for breath at North Tees Hospital got so bad, she says at one point she almost wanted to slip away. She recalls telling the doctors "either ventilate me or let me die, because I can't".

Sue said the effects of COVID-19 left her too weak to breathe for herself.

Sue's departure from hospital was captured on mobile phone footage Credit: ITV News

After three weeks on a ventilator and two weeks in a coma, doctors and nurses who normally work alongside Sue, lined up to clap her home after saving her life.

I beg you to not go anywhere yet. Don't take things for granted. Don't stop doing the lockdown. Don't all start meeting up and everything. It could be you. It could be your mum or your brother or your sister that ends up in the same state as me. And the only way you're going to stop doing that is by no social contact and keeping your distance, please.

Sue Wilson

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