Cleveland Police received hundreds of COVID-19 related calls over the weekend.

Officers took 284 reports relating to "coronavirus tension". The majority of calls were about young people gathering in parks, houses or at street parties.

Police say up to 100 young people were reported to have been gathering at parks and beaches. Some of them were drinking alcohol.

The government has clearly stated that people still need to maintain their distance from others and although the restrictions have lifted slightly, people’s lives are still at risk and it is vitally important that we adhere to the government’s’ regulations to protect the vulnerable people living in our communities.

Head of Policing, Chief Superintendent Thom McLoughlin

Officers attended Preston Park in Eaglescliffe this week after receiving a report of a group of young people drinking. Police attended and they dispersed.

Three men in their twenties were given a caution for being in the possession of cannabis and officers had to put out a small fire.

Police will be patrolling parks and beach areas on a regular basis and we will ensure that young people or anyone found gathering in large groups without social distancing, and anyone found to be participating in antisocial behaviour or taking drugs, will be dealt with appropriately. Having a criminal record, particularly at such a young age, does not bode well for future career prospects.

Head of Policing, Chief Superintendent Thom McLoughlin