Two teachers from Sunderland have turned their own families’ experiences during the COVID-19 crisis into a book to help young people through the pandemic.

Rachael Fairclough and Jessica Sharman, who both work at St Anthony’s Girls Catholic Academy, have worked together to create The Quarantine Quads, a rhyming story about three children and a dog and their lives during coronavirus.

Rachael, a RE teacher and head of year eight, started to keep a lockdown video diary about her three children - Violet,6, Pearl, 5, and Clara, who is one. Jessica has a new puppy. The women have combined their experiences to create a storybook.

I decided to create a video diary of what the girls were doing, from PE sessions withJoe Wicks online to having lessons at home to the weekly clap for carers. I decided to turn it into a story which hopefully would help other children to realise that they weren’t the only ones going through these very strange times.

Rachael Fairclough

Rachael told Jessica what she planned to do and they agreed to add her new puppy into the story, with art teacher Jessica also providing the illustrations.

It’s been a really fun project to do and of course my girls love the fact they’re the subject of a book.”

Rachael Fairclough

All proceeds from the book will support the NSPCC.