A children's football club created during lockdown has had its first training session in Browney, County Durham.

The 19 budding players at Browney FC have been practising in their gardens and watching online tutorials. They are now able to take part in socially distanced sessions, in line with grassroots guidelines from the Football Association.

Players must make hand hygiene a priority and stay 2 meters apart Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The team was created by Graham Gellatly, a 41-year-old Project and Development Manager from County Durham, and two others. They wanted to give families in the area something to look forward to post-lockdown. They came up with the idea to create a football club for Browney and Browney FC was born.

Browney FC has an under 10s team and an under 9s team Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

We have a full squad of under 10s and 9s who are ready to compete in the Russell Foster Youth League on a Saturday morning. We have a 'Cubs and Bears' development group providing fun football related fitness activities for ages 4 -6. The cubs and bears will progress into an under 7s team and compete in the Russel Foster Youth League also.

Graham Gellatly
Graham Gellatly Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Graham says this new venture is for the whole family, not just the children!

The players in the under 10s and 9s are all very excited at the prospect of being part of a new club with the coaches who have guided them on their football journey so far. I'm sure the little ones coming into our 'cubs and bears' will be super excited to get their first taste of football. The parents have been really supportive and believe me, they are sometimes more excited than the kids.

Graham Gellatly

Browney FC has FA affiliation and a new strip on the way.

They hope to put their skills to practise in the league in September.