'The Singing Hinnies' tour care homes, visiting older people and brightening dark days

Jos and Pete, both members of 'The Singing Hinnies', performing at a care home west of Newcastle on Friday. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

They call themselves 'The Singing Hinnies' - touring care homes, visiting older people, brightening the darkest of days.

The group gig in gardens, while their audience stays behind closed doors.

The 'Hinnies' were set up by the charity Equal Arts, which runs creative groups for older people across the North East. When the pandemic forced a pause in the workshops, 'The Singing Hinnies' were born.

Teams of 'Hinnies', have been performing at least ten times a week for the last 15 weeks, across the North East.

Jos and Pete are among they. Today, they're toured Throckley and performed a garden gig at the Denecroft Carehome.

  • Julia Barthram went with them - watch her report here: