Lockdown litter: Rayer's fight to keep our beaches clean

She is a seven-year-old on a mission.

For Rayer Waddell keeping beaches free of litter has been her lifetime's work. Since she was old enough to walk she has been picking up the rubbish she finds on the beaches near Blyth.

Her aim is to protect the environment and marine life.

Inspired by her dedication her whole family is now involved. Every day they patrol the beaches looking for the litter others have left behind.

Rayer and her family have developed quite a following online - updating people with their progress.

Along with her brother Daine - no piece of litter is left behind.

The family have installed their own bins along the coast between Cambois and Blyth, regularly emptying them themselves.

Rayer has also started a petition to increased fines for littering & fly tipping, as well as rewarding those who recycle. You can see more on Rayer's petition here.