Two people helped back to safety after late night rescue on the Cheviots

160820 TT Cheviot Rescue
Mountain Rescue teams were called at around 8:15pm to help the two women who had lost their way Credit: NNPMRT

Mountain Rescue teams were involved in a late-night rescue on Saturday night after two women lost their way climbing down The Cheviots in Northumberland.

Teams from Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team and North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team were involved in the operation, six people were called to help with a further ten on standby.

The walkers had been descending from The Cheviots when they took a wrong turn due to visibility being poor in the area.

When they realised they had taken the wrong turn they called the police, who in turn contacted the Mountain Rescue teams.

Using a smartphone locator tool, the teams were able to establish a rough fix on the walkers' position - somewhere between Wooler Common and the College Valley.

The teams were alerted at around 8:15pm and reached the women at around 9:30pm.

Visibility was poor on the hillside Credit: NNPMRT

A medical assessment was carried out and the women were given warm clothing, before subsequently being taken to a car and driven back to their own vehicle in Carthorpe Valley.

Iain Nixon, Team Leader at Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team, said it was important walkers remembered to plan their journeys in advance.

He said: "We would encourage people who are going out on the hills to follow AdventureSmart advice and to know their limits and plan accordingly.

"Go out and enjoy yourself but be safe."

He added: "We did not have much to go on, luckily we were able to use the PhoneFind tool.

"It doesn't matter how experienced you are these sorts of things can happen."