Teesside Airport installs new scanners as part of £1m security overhaul

Passenger passes through security scanner at Teesside International Airport. Credit: Teesside International Airport

Travellers using Teesside International Airport will be checked over using new state-of-the-art body and baggage scanners, as part of a £1 million renovation of its security area.

The body scanner and a C3 x-ray baggage scanner will be used to speed up security and process passengers more quickly over the coming years, as the airport aims to secure flights to new destinations and expands existing routes.

The body scanner will assist the metal detectors to reduce physical checks, while the baggage scanner, that will be installed next month, means that passengers will no longer have to remove liquids and electrical items from bags and pass them through separately.

The machines, fully compliant with Department for Transport regulations, should make onward connectivity to Amsterdam Schiphol and Heathrow smoother, by removing the requirement to go through their security processes.

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen said: “Our airport is going from strength-to-strength despite the unprecedented impact on the travel industry caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

''These improvements are just the latest in our efforts to make the airport as quick and easy to use as possible.

''We’re developing routes, we’re developing the wider site and we also need to keep developing the terminal to give local people and visitors from across the world the best possible experience.''

Teesside International Airport is undergoing a 10-year-rescue plan which aims to see 1.4 million passengers through the terminal doors every year.

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen added: “Our redesigned, state-of-the-art security area will be a blessing for anyone who wants to fly worldwide from Teesside, giving seamless journeys to the hundreds of onward destinations from Schiphol and Heathrow.

''Whether you’re going on holiday or flying out for business, you can do so knowing that your trip will be hassle-free.”

The trial of the new machinery comes after it was revealed that the arrivals hall was also undergoing renovation to make it easier to use and more attractive to passengers.

The upgrade is part of ongoing works to improve customer experience alongside growing flights and attracting investment.

It is expected that the security area will be fully redesigned, with further scanners installed, by April 2021.