Almost half of new Middlesbrough COVID-19 cases 'involve people under 40'

Middlesbrough is seeing more COVID-19 cases being diagnosed.

Almost half of Middlesbrough's recent COVID-19 cases have involved people under 40, according to new figures.

Data collected by South Tees Public Health show positive cases have increased in the town and in the last fortnight nearly 100 new cases of COVIF-19 have been diagnosed there.

Of the 98 confirmed cases in Middlesbrough, 47 have been people under 40.

Mark Adams, director of public health for South Tees, said there was a need for people to engage with contact tracers and isolate when they are advised to do so.

The rate of new cases in Middlesbrough puts us at within the national ‘watch list'. What we are trying to do is reduce the need to lockdown and we need everybody's help to achieve that. COVID hasn't gone away, and is just as deadly, however as we are seeing a much younger age range affected the health impact has been less significant than we saw in April and May.

Mark Adams, director of public health for South Tees

He added that some people were paying less attention when it came to keeping themselves and others safe.

If you've got COVID and you infect an older or vulnerable person then they could become extremely ill or even die so we really need people to consider others and show they care by doing the right thing to reduce the spread of this deadly virus and get Middlesbrough back on its feet again. 

Mark Adams, director of public health for South Tees,