Concern over university outbreaks as more students arrive in North East

At least 30 universities in the UK have had Covid-19 outbreaks. Credit: PA

Concerns are growing about coronavirus outbreaks in universities, as more students return to the North East.

Durham University says it will do everything it can to minimise any outbreaks of coronavirus.

7,000 new students arrived into colleges over the weekend ahead of Fresher's Week, with social distancing required and online lectures scheduled.

Jeremy Cook, Pro Vice Chancellor of Durham University, says a response plan is in place, although large scale lockdowns cannot be ruled out.

Concerns are growing that thousands of students at dozens of universities are "trapped" in self-isolation, as coronavirus sweeps through education centres around the country.

The president of the National Union of Students (NUS) told ITV shocking stories of students having to go without food in "disgusting conditions" as security guards watch exits to ensure they stay indoors.

At least 30 universities have had Covid-19 outbreaks after ministers told students, in the face of warnings about the spread of infection, that they should relocate from their permanent residences to their student homes at the start of term.

Health minister Helen Whately said the government could not rule out the prospect that university students may be unable to return home at Christmas.

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