Northumbria Police issue 137 Covid-related fines in 48 hours

Police issued 137 fines and were called to 152 incidents relating to reported breaches of covid-19 restrictions. Credit: PA Images

Northumbria Police have urged people not to ignore Covid-19 restrictions after revealing they have issued 137 fines in the last 48 hours.

They said they have also arrested four people and attended 152 incidents in relation to Covid-19 breaches.

This week police fined a woman £1,000 for failing to self-isolate after testing positive for the virus.

Another woman who was found to have gone shopping when she should have been in quarantine following a holiday was also fined £1,000.

Assistant Chief Constable Scott Hall said: “We all need to work together to tackle this deadly virus and we are grateful to the overwhelming majority of people who are sticking to the rules."

We do appreciate the difficult sacrifices you continue to make during this pandemic. However, there are still individuals who think it is acceptable to breach the rules imposed on us all by Government to help prevent further spread of this virus.

Northumbria Police

“We have been very clear, we do not want to take enforcement action and it is really disappointing when we have to – we would much rather people abide by the restrictions which are in place.

We will continue to work closely with our communities and offer advice to people who have mistakenly broken the restrictions – but where we see individuals who are choosing to ignore the measures in place, we are committed to taking enforcement action to protect our communities.”

Last week police set up a dedicated task force to tackle breaches of measures, after restrictions were tightened in the north east.