Specialist search dog finds suspected drug dealer behind bin

PD Harry with his friend Credit: Northumbria Police

A specialist search dog has been showered with treats after finding a suspected drug dealer hiding behind a bin.

PD Harry is trained to sniff out drugs and money. He is not trained to sniff out people but that’s exactly what he did after being deployed to locate drugs that may have been discarded in Gateshead.

In the early hours of November 4, a group of teenagers had been approached by response officers who suspected they could be involved in drug supply.

When hey saw the police, they ran away from the area and a foot-chase began through the town centre.

One male teenager was caught up with but he was not in possession of drugs. police then sent Harry to see if any drugs had been thrown away.

The golden Labrador is said to have "left his handler shocked when he followed his nose and found a second man hiding behind a nearby bin".

It was a fantastic job by Harry who isn’t trained in how to locate people but he has followed his nose and helped track down a suspect. For now, Harry has been showered with plenty of treats so a big well done to him after an eventful nightshift!

Northumbria Police

The 18-year-old man found hiding was issued a cannabis warning and released by police. No further action was taken against the 15-year-old boy who was stopped earlier.