Open water swimmer from Northumberland to swim in the North Sea three times a week to raise money for charity

Gill Castle Credit: @stomachameleon

An open water swimmer is taking a dip in the North Sea three times a week through the winter to raise money for the Birth Trauma Association. 

Gill Castle from Alnwick has a stoma bag after childbirth complications. She's swimming in her bikini to highlight the stigma of wearing a bag - something she's never done publicly until June of this year.

Gill gave birth to her son Sam in October 2011, at 34 weeks, and suffered severe birth complications resulting in a permanent stoma (colostomy).

She now chronicles her journey on her website and instagram - @stomachameleon - to raise awareness and reach out to others who have been through the same.

From 1st October 2020 to 1st May 2021 I am committed to wearing just a bikini, silicone hat and goggles, for ALL open water swims...come wind rain, or snow. I live in Northumberland so the latter is likely! I am raising money for the fabulous Birth Trauma Association.

Gill Castle

Our reporter Julia Breen went down to Boulmer Beach to see Gill - watch the full report: